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Young Birds

Young chicks have a dorsal broad dark brown band running lengthwise centrally from the mid region of the head to the tail bud. Another narrow dark brown band runs along both side of the abdomen (from the base of the neck to the tip of the abdomen). The colour of the region between these dark brown bands is creamy. There is yet another typical dark brown streak from the eyes to the base of the head. The rest of the colour of the dorsal side is light brown and ventrally the colour is lighter brown. Except for the wings being brownish the rest of the feathers are light yellow in colour.  The wing feathers grow at a rapid rate and the chicks are able to fly for a short distance when about week old. The colour of the shank and feet of a few days old chicks is pale grey. The pure jungle fowl chicks and their high crosses are very sensitive  to any disturbance and are susceptible to stress related diseases.


                                   Figure 1                                                                                        Figure 2

Figure 1:  Three newly incubator hatched pure red jungle fowl chicks. Note the typical colour of the 1 day old chicks especially the typical dark brown band running dorsally from the mid head  region to the end tip of the abdomen  and the narrow dark brown streak running from the eyes to the base of the neck.

Figure 2: The same three chicks (two days old) showing the typical brown bands.



                                    Figure 3                                                                                        Figure 4

Figure 3:   Three newly hatched pure jungle fowl chicks. Note the typical color and the pale grey color of the legs.

Figure 4: These are crossbred red jungle fowl chicks (high crosses) which are difficult to differentiate from the pure chicks.



                                    Figure 5                                                                                        Figure 6

Figure 5: Four newly hatched pure jungle fowl chicks with one egg unhatched   

Figure 6: Shows the same chicks 1 week later



                                  Figure 7                                                                                        Figure 8

Figure 7: One week old pure jungle fowl chicks. Note the fully developed wing feathers and the typical whitish specks on the wing feathers.

Figure 8: Three newly hatched chicks. Note the pale grey colour of the legs.



                                                                                           Figure 9     

 Figure 9: Note the rapid development of the wing feathers of the two 1 week old pure jungle fowl chicks and compare to the three 1 day old chicks. Note also the typical dark brown bands/strips along the eyes, dorsally from the head to the tip of abdomen and the two side strips.



                                   Figure 10                                                                                        Figure 11

Figure 10: Two 11 days old pure red jungle fowl chicks and 3 village chicken of the same age. Note differences in size and the fantastic wing feathers development of the 2 red jungle fowl chicks.

Figure 11: These 2 pure red jungle fowls (same 2 birds in Figure 10) are about 6 months old. Note the differences in size as compared to the same age village chicken.



                                 Figure 12                                                                                         Figure 13

 Figure 12 & 13: A six month old male jungle fowl. The full colour pattern, the comb, wattles and ear lobe are not fully developed.