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The Adult Female

The adult female jungle fowl is generally dark brown in colour.  The hackles are yellowish brown with streaks of black.  The breast and the vent feathers are of a lighter brown colour.  The head is small, snake-like and the comb, lappets and ear lobes are relatively very small.  The ear lobes are of similar colour to as that of the males.  The body is boat shaped and the legs are relatively long, and are of the same colour like the male. 

 The crossbred females usually kept by villagers are off shaped (not boat shaped), stouter in appearance and the combs and wattles are well developed. The legs are relatively thicker and vary in colour from light blue, greenish, blackish and yellowish.



                                     Figure 1                                                                                   Figure 2


                                                                                        Figure 3

 Figure 1, 2 & 3: Adult female red jungle fowls have a very small comb and absence of lappets. The neck hackles are yellowish with brownish streaks and the general body colour is dark brown. Note the boat shaped body.



                                    Figure 4                                                                                   Figure 5

Figure 4 & 5: These are high cross females which can be differentiated from the pure females by the slightly stouter body shape and the presence of combs.



                                 Figure 6                                                                                         Figure 7

Figure 6 & 7: This is a typical crossbred female red jungle fowl commonly kept by villagers. The body is stout, more rounded head with bigger combs and presence of prominent lappets.



                                  Figure 8                                                                                         Figure 9

Figure 8: This is a female bearing whitish type neck hackles. This crossbred female was achieved by crossing one of the abnormal coloured male jungle fowl caught from the wild having whitish neck hackles and rump hackles as mentioned in the text to a high crossbred normal coloured female. Note the head strongly resembles a pure female red jungle fowl, small head, very small comb and no lappets.

Figure 9: A closer look at the head and neck of the whitish female jungle fowl (high crossbred) showing very small comb, no wattles and the greyish white and black neck feathers.